Welcome to our art gallery

Abbey Muse Art Gallery is run on a voluntary basis by a collective of artists, who work in a variety of media and styles, set prices on their own artwork, and take turns “minding the shop!”

The Gallery started as a spin-off of Glastonbury Community Development Trust’s 2006 “Art Work” course (subtitled “how to make a living creatively”), when several course participants concluded that what they really needed was a gallery!

We have operated continuously since then, through several changes of name, space and participants. We’re now a dozen strong, and located in Unit 9, Abbey Mews Arcade (56 High Street, opposite Boots). Regular opening hours are Monday – Saturday 11-4 (resuming once the pandemic is lifted).

Sara Clay

Sara is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She initially studied painting at the Albright Art School, and after university wandered a meandering career path in New York City, at first as a costume designer, then as an editor, writer and publicist, moving from rock’n’roll to rocket science, and finally Britain’s further education sector.

Sara’s work is best described as neo-Impressionist, and generally reflects a fascination with Glastonbury’s iconic people and places, myths and mysteries, including ‘The Company of Avalon’ – a collection of portraits of historical and mythical Glastonbury personages.

She is happy to accept commissions for contemporary portraits. Contact: sara@myavalon.uk

Sue Hurley

Sue was born in Wells, and has lived and worked in this area all her life. She lives with her partner, a daughter and two grandsons, likes sports, travel and horse riding, occasionally runs an Air B&B, and quite enjoys gardening (but says she definitely needs to spend more time on the garden!) She joined an art group two or three years ago, and quickly started using acrylics because ‘they dry a lot quicker and the fumes don’t affect her as as much!’ She now paints at home, which she finds very therapeutic.

Julie Lovelock

Julie’s love of art, particularly painting, showed early promise from a young age, but veered in a more academic direction. In 1993, an Adult Education watercolour class reignited her passion. Watercolours were quick & practical medium when bringing up children, but once they were grown, with more time and freedom to paint, she discovered oils, which she finds healing and more natural. In 2016, Julie reached the audition stage of the BBC’s Big Painting Challenge and also auditioned for the Sky Arts Channel Landscape Artist of the Year – but soon realised that she would rather be painting at home in her studio.

Julie usually enjoys painting nature, either landscape or animals. Lately, she has tried her hand at celebrity portraits and urban landscapes.

She is also a Yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher, spiritual healer, counsellor and clairvoyant.

07737 945014


Mark Noble

In 1976, aged 16, Mark left a specialist school without any qualifications and began working in a local factory as there was no support available to get him a job anywhere else. Throughout his life he has been subjected to discrimination all along, but nowhere more so than at that factory.

In 2001 Mark attended the government’s ‘New Start’ programme. This gave him the opportunity to unlock his artistic potential and in 2008 he graduated with a degree in Applied Art. This was only possible due to the extensive support he received, which shows how far society has come since he left school.

He now spends his time working as an independent artist and looking after his two children. He wants his art to show how it is possible for a dyslexic person to achieve their goals if the receive the right support.

Linda Lusby

Linda is a born-and-bred local artist, who resides in Wells. On retiring in 2012, she decided to venture into painting, rediscovering the enjoyment and satisfaction of her childhood years.

Her love and appreciation of flowers, landscapes and animals, has inspired her to portray these in art form, using water colours, gouache and acrylics. Linda is now an active member of the Jesmaries Art Group in Wells, exhibiting and selling her paintings at their annual exhibition at Wells Cathedral.

Away from the pleasures of painting, Linda is a keen gardener and enjoys spending leisure time with her grandchildren, as well as catching up with friends.

Vikki Sanderson

Vikki moved to the Glastonbury area a few years ago, and felt the need to pick up her paintbrushes again and continue a lifelong love of creating art. Her favourite subjects are abstract florals and landscapes in an Impressionist style (not realistic, more a feeling).

Vikki uses lots of metallic paint, gold, silver and copper in her paintings, which helps to capture an essence of light. Texture is created with hot wax, texture paste and glass beads. Often a painting will change from morning through to evening, depending on the light of the day and where it catches the canvas. They are always best hung near a natural light source.

Facebook: Meraki Art by Vikki / email: info@merakartgallery.co.uk

Jane Stewart

Jane’s work is about seeing the ephemeral in the landscape, and exploring ‘in-between’ spaces, whether headlands, the interface between physical and spiritual or the fusion of SF/fantasy media tropes, myth and landscape. Being in nature and around horses grounds, nurtures and inspires her. Jane’s favourite media are pencil and acrylics. She likes developing fine detail, experimenting with different materials to create texture, moods and sensations, playing with boundaries and frames, and adding flashes of colour to monochrome drawings to add interest and drama.

Jane has exhibited in Glastonbury, Belfast, London, Spain and Reading, where she lives.

Private commissions welcome.

Angela Watson

Angela Watson is exploring her own creativity in the heart of Glastonbury, following a 20-year career in secondary arts education running an Art Department and Arts Faculty in Bristol.

Her love of nature, all creatures great and small, and the Somerset landscape provide a constant source of inspiration for her work. She feels a deep connection with the land and sacred sites of the area. Indeed, the whole of the South West of England provides a rich resource for her Sacred Art & Landscape Tours and Creative Empowerment Retreats at her Dragonfly Bed & Breakfast.

The Calling, Flock of Bird, Pilgrimage and The Homecoming are available as Giclee prints at varying prices depending on size.


8in x 8in | £45

12in x 12in £65


8in x 8in | £30

12in x 12in £45

Willem is a private portrait commission. Portrait commissions available upon application.

For further details please email info@dragonfly-glastonbury.com or call 07855 464126